Staff, Associates, Students and Collaborators

Group Leaders

Greg Ivey
Nicole Jones

Research Associates

Cynthia Bluteau Small scale turbulent mixing and internal waves
Alexis Espinosa Coastal dynamics in a macrotidal and topographically complex region
Matt Rayson Ocean response to tidal and tropical cyclone forcing
Jingtao Xu Coastal circulation and cross-shelf exchange in the Pilbara
Zhenlin Zhang  Nutrient dynamics in coral reef systems

Postgraduate students

Paul Branson Oscillatory shallow water  flows around objects

Edwin Drost Cyclonic forcing in the coastal ocean

Rebecca Green Ocean drivers of reef productivity in a macrotidal reef

Tamara Schlosser Internal tides and near-intertial waves on a continental shelf

Lei Tien Hydrodynamics of the Kimberley coastal region

Joey Voermans Mixing at the sediment water interface

Dennis Zhou Flow and mixing over rough environmental beds

Current collaborators

Leon Boegman, Queens University. Internal waves and resonant forcing
Jeff Book, Naval Research Laboratory. Eddies and internal waves
Richard Brinkman, Aust Institute Marine Science. Coastal ocean dynamics
Oliver Fringer, Stanford Univ. Internal wave dynamics on North West Shelf
Miles Furnas, Aust Institute Marine Science. Coupled physical and biogeochemical dynamics North West Shelf
Anas Ghadouani, UWA. Biological-physical dynamics, water quality
Marco Ghisalberti, UWA. Particle capture, environmental flows
Jeff Koseff, Stanford Univ. Mixing in density stratified flows
Ryan Lowe, UWA. Hydrodynamics of coral reef systems, upwelling dynamics, coastal flows
Tom Peacock, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology. Internal waves, large scale mixing, Lagrangian Coherent Structures in coastal flows
Peter Strutton, Univ of Tasmania. Coupled physical and biogeochemical dynamics North West Shelf
Bruce Sutherland, Univ of Alberta. Breaking internal waves